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Used by over 5,000 churches and ministries nationwide

Did you know that 9 Square in the Air was invented by a youth pastor?  

This game was designed to be a ministry tool, and over 5,000 churches are using it to build excitement and community.

9 Square in the Air partnered with CIY Believe this year because:

  1. We believe in Middle School Ministry. (it was invented by a Junior High Pastor) 
  2. We've seen first-hand how this game helps students to smile, have fun, and build friendships.
  3. We want to help your ministry succeed, and this is a simple ministry tool that just works!

What people are saying...

Donna Emory

Dave Smith

" I love it!! Purchased my first 9 square several years ago for my youth group and it was a huge hit. Easy to play with all ages, even adults. When I moved and began to work with a new church and youth group, obtaining 9 square was a goal. The kids love it and plan to challenge the deacons and elders to play."

" We introduced our new 9 Square in the Air deluxe unit at a recent fall event. We initially set it up the day before the event; a group of adult leaders thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing it. The children during the weekend event had a blast. We did not set up our three big screen video systems and not one peep of protest!"

" My kids at my church "discovered" this game at a local summer camp. since that day they have begged for our own set at church. I got it last week and it is so easy to set up. I actually assembled the whole set by myself, although I do recommend having a helper or two if you can. The kids came in that night and it proved to be hours of fun. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a 9 Square game for your church or organization. You will be glad you did!

Bruce Buckler

Dave Smith

Donna Emory

Buy it instead of build it.  Trust us.

We hear from lots of youth pastors who tried to save some cash and build instead of buy, and later regretted it.   This is an investment that will last for years, and will be used thousands of times.  

The quality is worth the investment.   The game comes with a 1 year warranty.  

Plus, the game is protected by two United States Patents.

Storage Bags

Height-Adjustable Legs

Locking System

 Easy Set Up

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